• Simple Tracking & Geofence Monitoring Solution


Boat Tracking and Monitoring 


A robust next-generation multi-purpose satellite terminal for tracking and monitoring all types of maritime vessles, inclduing RIBS, Yachts, Power Boats and Superyachts. This slim-profile terminal is easy to install on any vessel and integrates seamlessly with the ViewPoint web application. Reliable, secure and always connected.





Global Coverage:

Offers secure satellite connectivity worldwide

Inmarsat Connectivity:

Tracks, monitors and communicates with mobile assets anywhere in the world

2 Digital Input Ports:

Allows optional external sensors such as SOS alert button, high water bilge alert, intruder alert sensor to be installed.

Digital Open Drain Output:

Allows optional remote activation of 12VDC relay to switch on bilge pump, sound alarm, switch on air-conditioning, etc.

Slimmer form factor:

Lower profile radome


Weighs only 220 grams. 

Easy installation:

All cables and mounting equipment included. 


Position reports from 2 hours to 24 hours. Geofence lockdown at port to alert of unauthorised vessel movement or anchor drag


9VCD – 30VDC

Improved UV-resistance:

New materials offers better UV protection

Improved build quality:

Manufactured in new, best-in-class production facility


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from £499.00  (excludes VAT and shipping).


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