• Up to 36 weeks Battery Capacity


Rechargeable Battery Powered Systems


The TAM-442 is an all-new satellite terminal that provides fully secure global coverage. TAM-442 is an affordable, reliable and robust tracking solution for a wide range of applications. It offers full tracking and monitoring capabilities for fixed and mobile assets such as yachts, power boats, trailers, containers, trucks, and railcars anywhere in the world. The TAM-442 includes a rechargeable battery, making it ideally suited for shorter missions with more frequent reporting.







Over The Air (OTA) Configuration

Configure your terminals easily over the air and manage reporting intervals via user-friendly device management portal

Vehicle Charger

You can now operate your terminal normally even while charging, maximizing terminal uptimes

2 x General Purpose Input Ports

Connect up to two external sensors simultaneously using the Dual Connector cable, e.g. panic button and door sensor

Configurable Input Ports:

Configure the terminal's General Purpose Input port(s) to be Analog or Digital when connecting external sensors

Rugged Connector

The extra robust input connector has been improved to be able to withstand years of use in harsh conditions

Oil & Gas Certification

Class 1, Div 2 certification for use in oil & gas applications

Status LED

A quick glance allows you to determine terminal status, battery and charging state

User Configurable Wakeup Intervals

Allows the terminal to regularly wake up and look for changes in its own reporting rate – preventing delays in the switchover to the new reporting rate

Improved Battery Life

Offers longer uninterrupted service

Advanced Mapping & Tracking

Use the ViewPoint application to easily track and monitor all assets, set up geofences, monitor alerts and create detailed reports


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